High Speed Optical Avionics Network Test Instrument

PXI Express Instrument for test and simulation of Fibre Channel and Avionics Ethernet (10G and 25G). Instrument provides 4 optical network interfaces and is software configurable to provide 4 ports of Ethernet, 4 ports of Fibre Channel, or 2 ports of each. Provides built in support for commonly used avionics network protocols and simulation of periodic avionics message data and streaming video.

  • Supports 10G Ethernet (10GBASE-SR) & 25G Ethernet (25GBASE-SR)
  • Supports 1Gbit/s, 2Gbit/s, & 4 Gbit/s Fibre Channel with user definable data rates (custom data rates also supported)
  • Provides (4) Ethernet/Fibre Channel physical port interfaces Physical port interfaces are user configurable to operate as Ethernet or Fibre Channel
  • Supports common Ethernet upper layer protocols including : IPv4/IPv6, UDP, TCP, Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD), and Real-Time Publish Subscribe (RTPS)
  • Supports common Fibre Channel ULP’s (ASM, RDMA, ARINC 818/FC-AV)
  • 8GB RAM per Network Interface for buffering Tx/Rx Data
  • PXI Express Instrument capable of synchronization to 100MHz Reference clock (Synchronize to IRIG-B and IEEE 1588 when used in AIT PXI Express Systems)
  • Includes drivers for Windows, Linux, & LabVIEW Real Time
  • Supported by high level C/C++ APIs
  • Fibre Channel and Ethernet Analyzer & Simulator software applications also available