• Each channel can be programmed into a Loop-Back mode that internally wraps the transmitter around the receiver without the need of external wiring.
  • An additional asynchronous mode to support “Immediate Transmit” operation results in Serial Data Transmit Enhancement. Each channel has its own Transmit and Receive buffer where total aggregate buffer allocation is user configurable/programmable up to 64 MB.
  • A Receiver Enable/Disable function allows the user to turn selected receivers ON/OFF.
  • This serial card can operate in an Interrupt-Driven Environment to provide notification of all events to the system. When a flow control mode is selected, the serial card does the operation automatically with minimal system intervention.
  • Multi-Drop Link Mode: The transmitter and receivers of up to 32 cards can be tied together in either Half or Full-Duplex mode.
  • Built-in-Test