Why choose RapiTime?

• Timing analysis (inc. WCET) for Ada, C & C++ on-target & host
• Identify code to optimize for worst-case behavior
• Debug rare timing events
• Simplify verification through integration with your CI tool
• Produce evidence for DO-178 and ISO 26262 certification

Timing analysis (inc. WCET) for Ada, C & C++ on-target & host

By automating code instrumentation and the collection of timing metrics on target, RapiTime reduces the effort needed to understand and verify your code’s timing behavior. Flexible integration strategies ensure
efficient verification, regardless of your target hardware.
RapiTime’s hybrid worst-case execution time (WCET) calculation leverages the benefits of static analysis and measurement-based approaches to produce WCET results that represent behavior on the real system and provide a
safe upper bound on WCET while minimizing pessimism.

Identify code to optimize for worst-case behavior

Optimizing code to improve average case performance often has little effect, and may even have a negative effect, on worst-case timing behavior.
RapiTime helps you identify the code elements that have the highest contribution to your system’s worst-case timing behavior. This helps you focus your optimization efforts on the sections of code that are most likely
to affect your code’s worst-case behavior.

Debug rare timing events

During program execution, many events occur, and debugging the source of issues like rare timing events can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.
RapiTime helps you debug rare timing events in your code by letting you step through your program execution step by step as you would with a code debugger.